Recipe of the Week: Beef and Barley Stew

What foods remind you of home? Which recipes do you turn to when you want to remember happier times?

This week’s episode showed us Sansa and Jon reuniting after technically no time together, at least on screen. Their embrace brought tears to our eyes and made us think maybe, just maybe things will start looking up for this family!

As they discussed their future steps and ate some of the meager rations available at The Wall, we saw them reminiscing about the stews old nan used to make for them in Winterfell. They both lit up and seemed to drift away from their current predicaments as they thought about the meals.  After their warm reunion and hot debate in the middle of all that snow, we were in the mood for something cozy for ourselves. Even though Winter is yet to come where we’re writing this, the last couple of rainy, gray days have us hankering for a little stew.

This recipe from The Inn at the Crossroads, an amazing Game of Thrones-inspired food blog, reminded us of what Jon and Sansa must have once enjoyed in their homes surrounded by their family. It also seems like the yummiest thing you could eat in the cold, sad world they’re both living in. Make it one of these Spring rainy days and spend a night in watching old GOT episodes!

The recipe seems easy enough, and though we’ve never made it before we encourage you to do so! Send us photos and reviews of your creations to our Instagram @amidstsaltandsmoke ! Also tell us what you’d like us to feature next! The A Song of Ice and Fire universe has a vast amount of fun foods that are sure to peak your interest!

Click the photo below to go to the recipe!



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