Book of the Stranger: YAS KWEEN!

Hello everybody! Welcome to the weekly, salty, smoky recap of probably the best episode of the season yet! A lot of important stuff happened this week in very very dark lighting, plenty of reunions too, so let’s get right to it:

1. Jon and Sansa are together once again


What a time to be alive! Finally two Starks (?) together again! This encounter was a breath of fresh air to all of us tired of seeing Sansa be miserable season after season. Their initial embrace was terribly emotional, and the new character dynamics between them show how much these kids have grown and changed since they last saw each other. Sansa is ready for revenge and Jon is pretty over it, but there’s a Stark (and a castle) that needs a rescuin’ from everyones favorite ill-fated family! We can’t wait to see what comes next.


2. Tyrion adjusts to Mereen politics

image (2)_3

It’s great to see Tyrion doing things that don’t involve drinking himself into oblivion or sulking/interrupting Greyworm and Missandei’s dates. Though it’s a dire situation and almost no one agrees with his decisions, he’s the one who knows how to run a corrupted city like no other. We sympathise¬†with Greyworm and Missandei on their disapproval, but then again, we get Tyrion’s diplomatic shenanigans. Hopefully it won’t blow up in anyone’s face. Something tells us they’ll be fine because of another important moment in this list.

3. Theon goes home!

theon reek

Poor Theon. Well, kinda. After a couple seasons of being objectively the worst, Theon got his punishment and then some to become this shadow of what he was before. Seeing him finally reach his home and his family feels like a welcome change. After the first awkward ice breakers and his sister’s frustration coming out, we see him rise again to a little bit of backbone. His offer to help his sister rule The Ironborn feels genuine and heartfelt. Now all we need is for Yara to win the Kingsmoot.

4. Loras and Margaery are back


And sadder than ever! Poor Margaery is defeated by God-knows-how-many days in that dungeon with the super scary nun. Her conversation with the High Sparrow left us confused and kinda bummed out, until she was finally left alone with Loras! Poor Loras, though. From his terrified expression and begs to make it stop we can only imagine he’s having worse a time than Margaery, who knows what they’re doing to the poor guy. We really liked Margaery’s spunk through the whole shindig, as she was strong for the both of them and told him the truth, she’s more manipulative than Cersei and more intelligent too! We can’t help but hope to see her conniving ways get to the High Sparrow soon. (Also props to Loras for that great beard, yasss!)

5. Dany just changed the Game (of Thrones!)


Yaaaasssssssss Queen of Mereen, First of Her Name, Queen of the Andals, the Rhoynar and the First Men, Lady Regnant of the Seven Kingdoms, Protector of the Ream, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains, and Mother of Dragons!
Homegirl just gave a lesson on how things are done in staff meetings where people refuse to listen. Her shpeel on strenght, valor, and what it means to be “great men” schooled all the khals on aspirations and #goals. Though looking back we can’t help but think it was a given, the twist of her burning down the temple and emerging from the flames really hammered in how she’s still the biggest contender (and only?) to claim the Iron Throne. She has apparently become the ruler of the Dothraki, as the Stallion who mounted the world and destroyed all the khals (this according to Dothraki legend). Does she plan on briging all these people to Mereen? That’s gonna be fun.

BONUS: #relationshipgoals and Couple of the Year

10 minutes into GOT and chill and he gives you this look.


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