Recipe of the Week: Dragon Wings!

Let’s think for a second that we’re in Tyrion’s shoes. You’ve lived your whole life in your family’s shadow, you lost the love of your life, you’re surrounded by corruption and deceit everywhere you go. All of a sudden you escape death and go halfway around the world to help a girl who claims to be the Queen and then witness her riding a dragon away from death and danger. On this week’s episode, we saw him in true awe, and capable of wonder once again. His emotional exchange and his raw words struck a chord as the non believer saw and believed once again. It was lovely to have a peek on young Tyrion’s hopes and dreams, and the experiences that made him the man he is today.

What goes better with tender child-like emotion than delicious chicken wings? We do not dare say. These spicy, yummy wings look like they either came from mini baby dragons (oh no!) or from a chicken who had the fate of meeting our beloved Drogon! By the way, where in the world is Drogon? After he bailed on his mom and she got kidnapped by the unfriendly Dothraki hotties he’s been totally MIA.

In honor of the absent Mother of Dragons and Tyrion’s tender encounter, we’re giving you this amazing “Dragon” Chicken Wings recipe courtesy of Delish!

These are perfect to munch on during TV time, so make room for these and prepare them before you tune in to the new episode next Sunday! We know we will! Click the photo for the easy recipe.


Send us photos and reviews of your creations to our Instagram @amidstsaltandsmoke ! Also tell us what you’d like us to feature next! The A Song of Ice and Fire universe has a vast amount of fun foods that are sure to peak your interest!


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