He lives, now what?

Finally, folks! Our boy Jon is breathing (and confused, as he should be) and the story is movin’ on forward!

Let’s go over the biggest moments of the episode, and get ready for the next one together!

1. Bran is back!


We’re getting some big big exposition with the Bran storyline this season, and it all starts with the baby Starks! I loved seeing Ned and Benjen and their relationship, also finally some Lyanna personality! The best part was Hodor=Willys though. Now we must know what happened to the poor guy that forbade him to speak normally again….

2. Roose Bolton is dead, Ramsay continues to remind us that he’s literally The Worst


Aw man, I really want someone to end the Ramsay arc soon. After torturing Theon for the whole of season 4, then torturing Sansa for the whole of season 5, we see him killing his father to solidify his claim to House Bolton’s lordship and releasing the hounds on his step-mom and newborn baby brother. Never a dull moment in the Bolton household, y’all.

3. Arya gets adopted!


After one episode of seeing our girl Arya get her butt kicked by literally the meanest girl in Braavos (someone set her up with Cersei so they can hash out their feelings and leave everybody else alone), we see Jaqen H’ghar (sexy Jesus) pick her up for a little pop quiz on the Faceless Men. Thankfully, smartie pants responds very well and gets to go back to the House of Black and White! She’s graduated from beggar school!

4. Tyrion realizes his childhood dream

tyrion lannister and dragon game of thrones.jpg

This was a beautiful scene. After all the baby and dad killing, seeing Tyrion interacting with the hunger-strike dragons with such docile ease was a breath of fresh air. He was so happy and moved by their trust in him, and they liked him right away! We can’t wait to see how this relationship evolves, and if our tinfoil theories are correct, we might even see him ride a dragon of his own one day?


hey bb.

Whew! You had us scared for a second. All the Night’s Watch baddies coming in to wreak havoc on the Church of Jon Snow and latter day Ghosts, Ser Davos’ bravery, and the Wildlings coming in to save the day! Melisandre’s faith! Ahhhhh! We were totally expecting him to come back at the last minute, and we still audibly gasped when Jon opened his eyes. This was followed by screams of joy, sorry not sorry.

This episode was filled to the brim with character exposition and more building blocks setting up what’s to come. We wonder what it’ll beeeeeeee……

That’s it for our weekly recap kids! Tune in later this week for our recipe!



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