The Dorne plot: a big bummer.

Hey dudes! Happy Friday! Only two more days until ep.02

During the week we trolled entertainment sites to research, compare findings, and learn a little bit more of what’s to come. During our research, this interesting article came up on Vulture reflecting our views regarding last week’s Dorne storyline.

To us, the showrunners took the easy way out and killed off whoever could carry the Dorne storyline into Westerosi lands. Though the ladies of the court are taking what they claim as theirs and making no apologies, it all seems pretty rushed and not very thought out. We would have loved to see the rich culture of Dorne be further explored, look at the politics of the city, better understand the relationships between these mysterious characters and see more of those crazy sand snakes (we have a love-hate thing for them). From what we can deduce, Princess Myrcella’s death will be mourned and then there won’t be a lot done about it. No one knows what happened to the sand snakes that snuck into King’s Landing on Doran’s boat, no one knows the aftermath of the apparent Dornish revolution, and as far as we can tell we won’t get to see any of those beautiful sets and wardrobe pieces again. So here’s to the silly accent and weird lines the Dornishmen delighted us with, and let’s hope they may find their way back into our TV’s. If they replace that screentime with more Cersei O’Connor stomping about asking for vengeance and Tommen’s trembling lip the season’s gonna take a lame turn for the boooooring.

Vulture does a great job at furthering our thoughts on the matter, and we can agree with a lot of what they wrote. Check it out below! (for Oberyn)

the Dorne plot

What’s Wrong With Game of Thrones’ Dorne Plot?


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