Recipe of the week: Slow Cooked Ham

So, what’s in a name? Why did we decide to name our blog this weird combination of words? Does it sound gross? Does it sound cool? Who cares!

A lot of the hype we’ve seen online in regards to season 6 and the savior of the 7 Kingdoms and beyond as the Series goes on to its final seasons (according to the show runners we have about four seasons left) has to do with Azor Ahai, the promised prince born amidst salt and smoke (heh!) that’ll save the kingdom from the Others. From what we know from previous events, we know of plenty of candidates for the title, and right now it’s pretty much anyone’s game.

That description begs to Renly Baratheon’s (RIP bb) question:

born-amidst-salt-and-smokeHe knows how it is.

For those of us still waiting on that damn prince (where are u?) here’s a delicious ham recipe that is filled with salt and heat (no smoke allowed in our apartment) to hold us off, at least ‘til next week! The recipe is super no-fuss and if you don’t own a slow cooker, you can get away with making it in your oven. Or you can ask your slow-cooking owner friend to come over and you can make it together! This ham is perfect as a main dinner dish or as a rich and decadent sandwich ingredient. Add a bit of roasted veggies and some mustard and munch on this as you watch the season premiere! Great for stress eating and lots of leftovers to enjoy afterwards!


No.2 Pencil

Send us photos and reviews of your creations to our Instagram @amidstsaltandsmoke ! Also tell us what you’d like us to feature next! The A Song of Ice and Fire universe has a vast amount of fun foods that are sure to peak your interest!


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