What is he, a ham? And other questions.

So, as the big premiere day looms over us and we frantically plan our Sunday night activities… (Who of my friends has an HBO Subscription? Can I come over? Are snacks the accepted payment method? Are viewing parties still a thing? Is Jon Snow coming back to life?), I also want to remind  you to plan for your sudden re-immersion into the GOT universe with episode 1, season 6.

If you’ve seen the two teaser trailers and the accompanying sneak peeks (which if you haven’t, go and then come back, I’m serious), there are probably a few questions in your mind, and there’s also some things you should know before you dive into Season 6.

Sansa and Theon
These two are up for some crazy stuff.

  1. A Whole Bunch of People Died in Season 5

Mance Rayder, Shireen Baratheon, her mom Selyse, Ramsay’s crazy-eyed mistress, Janos Slynt, Maester Aemon, a slave master in Mereen, Ser Barristan Selmy, Dany’s former fiancée Hizdar zo Loraq, Meryn Trant, Myrcella Baratheon, Stannis Baratheon (?), and Jon Snow (????), are all dead from the shenanigans in Season 5.

I’ll probably never get over this, tbh.

For Season 6, we’re gonna have to deal with the repercussions of most of these deaths, see how other characters react to these events, and get some answers to our pressing questions: how will the Lannisters avenge Myrcella? Did Stannis really die? And more importantly, Is Jon Snow coming back to life?


  1. Bran is Back

Hey, boo.

Though I think Bran’s arc has been pretty much a snooze fest in the past seasons, I think his Greenseer shenanigans will bring us major exposition to events in the past. Which brings me to…

  1. There’s a Bunch of Flashbacks this Season!

With reports of many former cast members being seen around the sets this past year, and plenty of suspicions for Jon Snow’s origin story, we’re probably gonna see some interesting flashbacks this season. Mainly, I’m hoping for the Tower of Joy, and the culmination of Robert’s Rebellion inside the Red Keep. Here’s to hoping!

Tower of Joy Scene
Flashback battleeeee, yeah!

A lot of the hype I’ve seen online has to do with Azor Ahai, the promised prince born amidst salt and smoke (heh!) that’ll save the kingdom from the others. That descriptions begs to Renly Baratheon’s (RIP) question:

born-amidst-salt-and-smokeHe knows how it is.

For those of us still waiting on that damn prince (where are u bb?) here’s a delicious ham recipe to hold us off, at least ‘til next week!

Slow Cooker Ham with Maple Brown Sugar Glaze


No.2 Pencil

Of course, as you can see in the trailer, there’s a whole mess of more stuff to be ready for. So here’s to us (and I guess mainly me) getting answers for things like: Will I see Sansa bathing in the blood of her enemies? WTH is gonna happen to Dany? Does no one care that a literal army of White Walkers are casually closing in on the whole kingdom? And, IS JON SNOW COMING BACK TO LIFE???

Jon Snow but why tho
bby i will wait for youuu


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