The Dorne plot: a big bummer.

Hey dudes! Happy Friday! Only two more days until ep.02

During the week we trolled entertainment sites to research, compare findings, and learn a little bit more of what’s to come. During our research, this interesting article came up on Vulture reflecting our views regarding last week’s Dorne storyline.

To us, the showrunners took the easy way out and killed off whoever could carry the Dorne storyline into Westerosi lands. Though the ladies of the court are taking what they claim as theirs and making no apologies, it all seems pretty rushed and not very thought out. We would have loved to see the rich culture of Dorne be further explored, look at the politics of the city, better understand the relationships between these mysterious characters and see more of those crazy sand snakes (we have a love-hate thing for them). From what we can deduce, Princess Myrcella’s death will be mourned and then there won’t be a lot done about it. No one knows what happened to the sand snakes that snuck into King’s Landing on Doran’s boat, no one knows the aftermath of the apparent Dornish revolution, and as far as we can tell we won’t get to see any of those beautiful sets and wardrobe pieces again. So here’s to the silly accent and weird lines the Dornishmen delighted us with, and let’s hope they may find their way back into our TV’s. If they replace that screentime with more Cersei O’Connor stomping about asking for vengeance and Tommen’s trembling lip the season’s gonna take a lame turn for the boooooring.

Vulture does a great job at furthering our thoughts on the matter, and we can agree with a lot of what they wrote. Check it out below! (for Oberyn)

the Dorne plot

What’s Wrong With Game of Thrones’ Dorne Plot?


The Red Woman, and why being female in Westeros kinda sucks


It finally happened! We’re well underway for Season 6 of Game of Thrones and there are a lot of things to talk about.

First and foremost, Jon Snow is still dead.

Buuuuuuuut, other exciting things are happening to distract us from this terrible, horrible, no-good situation. Like most female (and Dornish) characters having a sad ol’ time!

I’m sure you all watched the episode, so I won’t do a full recap.

And I know what you’re thinking, the ladies of Dorne are having a great time, right?
They are, but their motives and the messy writing makes it look like the showrunners are just trying to get rid of the Dorne storyline, so I’m classifying that as a royal bummer.

So, let’s check out how our ladies all got a raw deal this week:

  1. Sansa is finally safe-ish (But is she really?)


Not only she managed to escape with poor Theon, which gave us a few tender moments where we saw their characters look at each other in a different light than before, with less anger and resentment due to their desperation to survive. But BRIENNE FINALLY GOT TO HER! And she accepted her services! Bless.

2. Dany got grounded for being a bad widow


Oh well excuse me Mr. Khal, she’s been pulling shenanigans left and right trying to reclaim her throne (w fire and blood!) and free all the slaves in Westeros but you wanna ship her off to Vaes Dothrak? Whatever, dude.

3.  Ramsay feeds his dead GF to the dogs

Ramsay and Myranda

-“Babe? Do you ever think about what happens when we die?”
-“LOL nah but I’ll feed u to the dogs ’cause I love you so much”

Yeah, no.

4. Arya is a blind beggar, getting beaten by her frenemy on the reg

Blind Arya

Next time on Mean Girls of Westeros: giving those who cross the many-faced gods the punishment they deserve!

5. Melisandre is immortal(?), which is cool, but apparently she’s also old and sad


Poor Red is defeated. She’s effed up a bunch of times with her prophecies and visions, and her wrongful advice destroyed an army, a family, and several hundreds of lives. When she comes back to the Wall and sees lil’ Jon all dead and sad, it’s the last straw that makes her doubt her powers. This episode shows us a very different side of Melisandre, giving us a glimpse of how powerful she truly is (hello? immortality?), and how human she is at the same time! The reactions to her old age and vulnerability are missing the whole point, and I think she deserves better.

Also how nice are her magical young boobs? YASSS girl!

I think this is a set-up for the coming episodes, with Davos’ line on “what he’s seen her do.” So I hope we see her rise again sooner than later 😦


Sansa was the character who got the best outcome this episode, so in her honor we’re featuring a recipe for her favorite lemon cakes!


Courtesy of Sugar & Soul.





Recipe of the week: Slow Cooked Ham

So, what’s in a name? Why did we decide to name our blog this weird combination of words? Does it sound gross? Does it sound cool? Who cares!

A lot of the hype we’ve seen online in regards to season 6 and the savior of the 7 Kingdoms and beyond as the Series goes on to its final seasons (according to the show runners we have about four seasons left) has to do with Azor Ahai, the promised prince born amidst salt and smoke (heh!) that’ll save the kingdom from the Others. From what we know from previous events, we know of plenty of candidates for the title, and right now it’s pretty much anyone’s game.

That description begs to Renly Baratheon’s (RIP bb) question:

born-amidst-salt-and-smokeHe knows how it is.

For those of us still waiting on that damn prince (where are u?) here’s a delicious ham recipe that is filled with salt and heat (no smoke allowed in our apartment) to hold us off, at least ‘til next week! The recipe is super no-fuss and if you don’t own a slow cooker, you can get away with making it in your oven. Or you can ask your slow-cooking owner friend to come over and you can make it together! This ham is perfect as a main dinner dish or as a rich and decadent sandwich ingredient. Add a bit of roasted veggies and some mustard and munch on this as you watch the season premiere! Great for stress eating and lots of leftovers to enjoy afterwards!


No.2 Pencil

Send us photos and reviews of your creations to our Instagram @amidstsaltandsmoke ! Also tell us what you’d like us to feature next! The A Song of Ice and Fire universe has a vast amount of fun foods that are sure to peak your interest!

New promo making me doubt everything I thought I knew about Game of Thrones

Ok first of all, WHAT?

In true GOT fashion, we have been given a lot more hype to get us ready for the season premiere. Someone’s messing with Jon Snow’s body (who dat?), Tyrion fears for his life (but I mean, who doesn’t in this show?), Dany’s getting whipped (um, no sir), spears, arrows, shields, what the hell???

This is gonna be a looooong week.

What is he, a ham? And other questions.

So, as the big premiere day looms over us and we frantically plan our Sunday night activities… (Who of my friends has an HBO Subscription? Can I come over? Are snacks the accepted payment method? Are viewing parties still a thing? Is Jon Snow coming back to life?), I also want to remind  you to plan for your sudden re-immersion into the GOT universe with episode 1, season 6.

If you’ve seen the two teaser trailers and the accompanying sneak peeks (which if you haven’t, go and then come back, I’m serious), there are probably a few questions in your mind, and there’s also some things you should know before you dive into Season 6.

Sansa and Theon
These two are up for some crazy stuff.

  1. A Whole Bunch of People Died in Season 5

Mance Rayder, Shireen Baratheon, her mom Selyse, Ramsay’s crazy-eyed mistress, Janos Slynt, Maester Aemon, a slave master in Mereen, Ser Barristan Selmy, Dany’s former fiancée Hizdar zo Loraq, Meryn Trant, Myrcella Baratheon, Stannis Baratheon (?), and Jon Snow (????), are all dead from the shenanigans in Season 5.

I’ll probably never get over this, tbh.

For Season 6, we’re gonna have to deal with the repercussions of most of these deaths, see how other characters react to these events, and get some answers to our pressing questions: how will the Lannisters avenge Myrcella? Did Stannis really die? And more importantly, Is Jon Snow coming back to life?


  1. Bran is Back

Hey, boo.

Though I think Bran’s arc has been pretty much a snooze fest in the past seasons, I think his Greenseer shenanigans will bring us major exposition to events in the past. Which brings me to…

  1. There’s a Bunch of Flashbacks this Season!

With reports of many former cast members being seen around the sets this past year, and plenty of suspicions for Jon Snow’s origin story, we’re probably gonna see some interesting flashbacks this season. Mainly, I’m hoping for the Tower of Joy, and the culmination of Robert’s Rebellion inside the Red Keep. Here’s to hoping!

Tower of Joy Scene
Flashback battleeeee, yeah!

A lot of the hype I’ve seen online has to do with Azor Ahai, the promised prince born amidst salt and smoke (heh!) that’ll save the kingdom from the others. That descriptions begs to Renly Baratheon’s (RIP) question:

born-amidst-salt-and-smokeHe knows how it is.

For those of us still waiting on that damn prince (where are u bb?) here’s a delicious ham recipe to hold us off, at least ‘til next week!

Slow Cooker Ham with Maple Brown Sugar Glaze


No.2 Pencil

Of course, as you can see in the trailer, there’s a whole mess of more stuff to be ready for. So here’s to us (and I guess mainly me) getting answers for things like: Will I see Sansa bathing in the blood of her enemies? WTH is gonna happen to Dany? Does no one care that a literal army of White Walkers are casually closing in on the whole kingdom? And, IS JON SNOW COMING BACK TO LIFE???

Jon Snow but why tho
bby i will wait for youuu